Manufacturing method of multipurpose spray nozzle for cosmetics.

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Manufacturing method of multipurpose spray nozzle for cosmetics

Emulsion pumps are widely used in cosmetics and bath products, including nozzle components and pump body components. The nozzle components are used to drive the pump body components. The pump body components include pump housing, piston seat, piston, piston rod, and spring. Among them, the piston seat, The piston and the piston rod are assembled in the pump casing as an integral part. The lower end of the pump casing is connected with a liquid introduction tube, and the spring acts on the piston rod to keep the piston rod moving upward; the nozzle assembly also includes a bottle lock cap and a head cap, and a bottle lock The cap is connected to the mouth of the cosmetic bottle. The pump casing of the pump body assembly is installed in the lock bottle cap. The upper end of the piston rod shows upwards to reveal the lock bottle cap, and the lower end of the pump housing reveals the lock bottle cap downwards. The head cap is installed On the top of the piston rod, there is a nozzle on the head cap. When you need to pump out the lotion, press down on the head cap, the piston seat and piston rod will move down accordingly, the spring is compressed and at the same time drive the piston down, pump out the lotion pre-stored in the pump body with a nozzle on the head cap . After the lotion is pumped out, release your hand, and under the elastic force of the spring, the piston, piston seat, piston rod and head cap move upwards, and the lotion is sucked into the pump body again through the suction tube. Keep pressing the action repeatedly, and the lotion will continue to spray out. However, the existing spray head has a single function, so it is necessary to invent a cosmetic makeup multi-purpose spray head to solve the above-mentioned problems.